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now i can focus on my engagement day part 2

     2. Engagement Day- A modern twist

Continued from the previous post,

As promised, i wanted to talk about the plannings on my engagement day.

In Malaysian-Malay there are a few sub-tradition practice during engagement day.
There are:

  1. Sort of Poetry introduction [mainly the parents/the uncle's/auntie's of both sides(woman's and the man's) will play along and they will play well in this part]
  2. Exchanging the trays of gift from both sides (the woman's side and the man's side).

  • Sort of Poetry introduction

People don't usually practice this part anymore. They like to go straight to the point. But anyways, im gonna explain it still; this poetry introduction is like warming up before hand in the engagement ring to the bride to be. This part can get really intense when both side (understood) knows poetry and really good at it. Its like a test on knowing the intelligence level of both parties. 

Again, this part is only for fun and no, its not poetry competition.

My engagement, i think i wouldnt be doing this, since my family and his family is the 'simple' type.

  • Exchanging the trays of gift from both sides- in malay we call it as "hantaran".

Trays of gifts consist of fruits, cupcakes/cakes, and anything that is give-able (i know its not a word, but chill okay). The interesting thing about exchanging the trays of gifts are, the number of trays must be given in odd numbers and in exchange the trays must be given in odd numbers as well. So far, that's the tradition we practice and i've never seen any people give even numbers of trays. For the woman, the trays that need to be exchanged is more than the man's side. E.g:  The woman's asked for 3 trays from the man and the woman must offer the man 5 trays. If the woman asked for 5 trays, then the woman must give the man 7 trays in exchange.

The minimum trays that usually been given is 3 in exchange for 5, and the maximum trays are...
i dont know..maybe, 13 in exchange for 15?? Who knows right?

The ring is included as a gift as well.

In my situation, im asking 5 in exchange for 7. 
I  dont know what im gonna give him yet.
The decorations of the trays must play their part as well to make the gifts look more interesting, organised, and etc. Below are some examples of trays decoration,
  • Decorator 1: idieana rozaidi( Link: ). She is specialized in decorating hand bouquet and trays decorations. Not necessarily the decorations must be in pastel colours, it can be any colours that you long u have creativity, budget and little craziness in your head, you will definitely make things work :)

  • Decorator 2: Chenta weddings  (FB Link: ). Chenta Wedding group offers full package for marriage, engagement and etc. But im interested in their trays decos, hand bouquet and many more. Sorry guys, i cant find more trays decos in their FB page.

  • Decorator 3: Weddings by Sher ( Link : ). Sher offers wedding package with reasonable price- according to your preferences. I must say, she is very talented. Pics of trays decos:

  • Decorator  4: Ari wedding Couture  (Link: ). The same as ' weddings by Sher, 'Chenta weddings', but ari wedding couture has alot more to offer because they design wedding dresses and attires.

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