Thursday, May 16, 2013

im getting engage end of this year 2013!!!

most of my friends, 
they think 'engage only' duhh...
its not a big deal to them.. 
but, for me....i almost lose my head...
with upcoming exam..seriously, my exam is just around the corner...
plus, in Malaysia the culture is a bit different...

Malaysia is a multiracial/ multicultural country...
so, every race they have different tradition..

As for malay's tradition
we have 
  1. pre engagement (i skipped this part)
  2. the engagement (soon; in god's will)
  3. solemnization
  4. reception for both sides the groom's and the bride's side.
and talking about the cost of all the above...
is a problem for someone like me..
it is because im A STUDENT 
i dont earn any income..
and knowing that im gonna use my parents money for my engagement....the feeling is just so wrong....
we are not talking about a dollar or two but will cost more than a thou!!!! 0.0

i have to get my mind straight..
i need to focus on my 'around the corner' exam..

Alas, im still thinking about earning some money for my engagement i wont feel that guilty to my parents...
so i decided to join and signup for google adsense..
yes ppl, earning easy money from google adsense..
whether its true or not.....
or im just being really stupid for believing...idc.
finger crossed and break a leg Fafa....

i need to grow up...i cant rely everything on my parents....

If possible Grant me a Valley of Money

again..if POSSIBLE.


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