Wednesday, May 22, 2013

now i can focus on my engagement day part 1

after the exam had finished,
now i can fully concentrate on my engagement day ( dec 2013)
in my previous post,
i mentioned about a few malay's tradition that normally the couple have to face before they finally get married

I repeat it's a tradition
some couples these days skipped few of them.

  1. majorly it's because of cost
  2. it's time consuming
  3. they just want to get straight to the point.
the malay's tradition before they finally get married are:

  1. pre engagement ( in malay we call it as Merisik; { mur - ree - sick } )
  2. the engagement
  3. solemnization
  4. reception for both sides the groom's and the bride's side 
In my situation,

  1. Pre- Engagement

I skipped pre engagement ( because, my mom said that pre engagement is for the couple who doesnt really know each other and they never met before). 

we as Malays are muslims.
in my opinion,
it is very important for your partner to have the bonding time with your parents.
He/She really need to respect your parents.
To be a responsible partner, u need to give him/ her time to understand your WHOLE family ( including father's side, and mom's side)
a lot of modern couples these days, they fell in love and ignored the parents approval/ opinion towards their partner.
to fall in love and getting married is not just about the two of you, but it means to fall in love, and getting married with his/ her family.

hey, im just saying okay?

to be continued... theres a loooot to brag about engagement and plannings....*_*

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