Tuesday, May 21, 2013

finally, i have finish my exam

the sense of relieved after the exam finished...is heaven.
no words can describe it.
Alhamdulillah i can do it.

Now, tell me, what i suppose to do after exam??
watch online movies yes?
watch online tv-shows yes?
play a lots of games yes?
snap a lots of pics yes?
hell yes.

one of my friend, she suggested me to work while waiting for the result to come out (about two months or so)...since we are doing twinning program in segi, our paper is going to be marked by UK's (university of greenwich/ UOG) lecturers. There's a lot of advantages doing twinning program. However, im not going to talk about it now. Bcoz, i wanna give my brain a good rest and lets not talk/discuss anything related to studies or college..na'ah.

okay continue back to the story just now, yes my friend she suggested me to do internship in audit/ accounting firm.

oh well,
my friend she wants to do internship as well, but the problem is she is a foreigner-from maldives.
In Malaysia, most of the companies in Malaysia hire only malaysians.
too bad for my friend huh?
what a pity.

Plus, ive done internship in 'one company' before...
oh man, they make us work like a buffalo (exaggerating) and expect you to give your complete work as a professional.
i really cant imagine myself working as a real accountant.
i really cant because everything that you have learned in college; non of them is like useful or going to be applied during your working life.
so yeah, what a waste.

Imagined all the depression, the sleepless nights and the feeling of failing a subject/ or few subjects...
is just a drama?

Mother Father.

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